Cierra Mathis

Cierra is an associate at Davao Hair Studio and works alongside Janine. She loves being challenged and considers Davao her family.


  • Children’s haircut $30+
    Men’s haircut $30+
    Women’s haircut $45+
    Shampoo and style $30+
  • Base color $50+
    Half head highlights $70+
    Full head highlights $80+
    Just a few highlights $50+
  • Half head balayage $85+
    Full head balayage $95+

Cierra talks

Advice: If you want to apprentice at a salon, take the opportunity to observe everyone. Every salon is different and everyone’s teaching style is different. Get as much education as possible and keep learning throughout life.

Hometown: Roswell, GA

Why hair: I was watching Jess do a men’s haircut one day and I loved her technique while cutting his hair and from that moment forward I wanted to become a hair stylist. The one thing I’ve been dying to learn is men’s haircutting.

Why Davao Hair Studio: To me, Davao means family. I loved how welcoming everyone was and how I felt like I fit in immediately. It’s nice to feel like that because when you’re there over 70% of the time you want to feel comfortable.

Favorite tool: Hair dryer.

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