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Ellie is from a family of stylists and has grown up at Davao. She started her career at with us in 2012! She loves bright blondes and warm, rich brunettes.


  • Women’s Haircut $54
    Men’s Cut $39
    Children’s Cut $39
    Bang Trim $15

    Shampoo and Blowdry $34

    Base Color and Style $99
    Base Color and Haircut $114
    Base Breaker $25
    Luna Lights $15

  • Half Head of Highlights and Haircut $229
    Half Head of Highlight and Style $184

    Full Head of Highlights/Base/HCB $279
    Full Head of Highlights and Haircut $214
    Full Head of Highlights and Style $199

  • Full Balayage/Base/HCB $279
    Full Balayage/Base/Style $264
    Full Balayage and Haircut $224
    Full Balayage and Style $183

    Half Balayage/Base/HCB $258
    Half Balayage and Haircut $213
    Half Balayage and Style $198


Advice: Don’t do your color at home, or your bangs.

Hometown: Roswell, Ga

Cool hair experience: I spent 6 hours in collaboration with another stylist taking a client from dark purple to bright neon aqua.

Learning experience: Every day I walk into the salon I learn something new.

Inspiration: I find lots of inspiration from my clients. Knowing I can help to make a difference in how they see themselves is what makes me strive to work harder. I also find inspiration from my co-workers. Nothing is more inspiring than a ton of amazing masterminds collaborating together to make something awesome.

Volunteer work: I love the work Mark Bustos does and all the people he helps. As soon as I begin getting more practice with cutting hair, I plan to make trips close by and work with homeless men and women like Mark does.

Why hair? My mom has done hair for over 30 years, and my sister for over 15 so hair is in my blood. Not only do I love seeing the impact I make on clients, but doing hair is very therapeutic for me. I chose to do hair because I wanted to love what I do every day. I get to wake up and play with hair for a job. Who else gets to do that?

Why Davao Hair Studio: Davao Hair Studio is my home. I’ve been here since day one of creation and I’ve grown up alongside it. The people I work with aren’t just co-workers, and Davao isn’t just a salon. We have a family culture. I love that at Davao, work doesn’t feel like work. I love that we focus on education and I love that we are such a strong team.

Hobbies/Interests: I love to DIY. Pinterest is my vice.

Party trick: I can wiggle my ear!

If you were a Bb. product, which one would you be? Dry Spun. I love the messy, grungy, put-togetherness that it gives your hair. That’s how I see myself. I am a hot mess yet I make it work in a way that looks put together.

Tool you can’t live without: My bumble brushes. The finished look is everything and I love the finished look I can achieve with my amazing bumble brushes. Those guys are amazing!


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