Jordan Voneppinger

Jordan was inspired to begin her career as a hairdresser by her great grandmother, who was also a hairdresser and owned her own salon. We guess you could say it’s in her blood, so after graduating from Paul Mitchell the School Esani, Jordan joined the team at Davao and has jumped in with both feet!

Jordan Voneppinger

  • Women’s Haircut $44
    Men’s Cut $29
    Children’s Cut $29

    Organic Color and Haircut $109
    Organic Color and Style $94

    Base Color and Haircut $94

  • Full Balayage and Haircut $224
    Full Balayage/Base/HCB $279
    Full Balayage/Base/Style $264
    Full Balayage and Style $183

    Half Balayage and Haircut $193
    Half Balayage and Style $178
    Half Balayage/Base/HCB $243

  • Full Head of Highlights/Base/HCB $229
    Full Head of Highlights and Haircut $194
    Full Head of Highlights and Style $179

    Half Head of Highlights/Base/HCB $243
    Half Head of Highlights and Haircut $174
    Half Head of Highlights and Style $159

    Just a Few Highlights/Base/HCB $179
    Just a Few Highlights/Base/Style $164
    Just a Few Highlights and Haircut $129
    Just a Few Highlights and Style $114

Jordan talks with us.

Favorite hair to do: Vivids and Blondes

Hometown: Woodstock,Ga

Advice: Be humble.

Inspiration: My great grandmother, I’m inspired to be half the woman she was. Jordan

If you were a product which one would you be and why?: Bumble and Bumble Dry shampoo…because I’m a mom, ha!

Tool you can’t live without: My flat iron. It’s versatile, I can do my beach waves or smooth it out.

Why Davao Hair Studio: it’s the only place I’ve ever felt like I was at home. There isn’t a day I don’t enjoy going to “work”.

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