Tara Crapo

Tara is a stylist at Davao Hair Studio and graduated from Kennesaw State University, then pursued her love for hair. She loves the thrill of change and loves to transform her clients’ looks.


  • Women’s Haircut $54
    Men’s Cut $39
    Children’s Cut $39
    Bang Trim $15

    Shampoo and Blowdry $34

    Base Color and Style $99
    Base Color and Haircut $114

  • Half Head of Highlights and Haircut $229
    Half Head of Highlight and Style $184
    Just a Few Highlight and Haircut $149
    Just a Few Highlights/Base/HCB $209
    Just a Few Highlights/Base/Style $194
    Just a Few Highlights and Style $134

    Full Head of Highlights/Base/HCB $279
    Full Head of Highlights and Haircut $214
    Full Head of Highlights and Style $199

  • Full Balayage/Base/HCB $279
    Full Balayage/Base/Style $264
    Full Balayage and Haircut $224
    Full Balayage and Style $183

    Half Balayage/Base/HCB $258
    Half Balayage and Haircut $213
    Half Balayage and Style $198

We talk with Tara.

Hometown: Woodstock

Why hair: I was inspired to become a hair stylist because of the love and passion I saw within my lifelong stylist, Luz Swan. I started as her apprentice in the spring of 2014, and ever since Luz continues to inspire me with her dedication to education, as well as her love for the industry.

Hobbies: I’m a competitive cheerleading coach outside of Davao and competed most of my life.

Party trick: Standing back tuck (a back flip with no hands).

Favorite Bumble and bumble product: Dryspun finish, it’s like tease in a bottle.

Tool you can’t live without: My blow dryer because there are so many options you have with a blowout, and everyone loves a good blowout!

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