Luz Swan

Luz has been doing hair for over 18 years and is the co-owner of Davao Hair Studio. She is a perfectionist, highly creative and is obsessed with doing blonde hair and also specializes in Natural Beaded Rows™ hand tied hair extensions. She has worked backstage at numerous NY Fashion Week shows, styled many models for photo shoots and runway shows, and her clients fly in to see her from all over the U.S.

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  • Accepting new qualifying extension clients.
    Color Service $325 flat fee

We talk with Luz.

I didn’t go to beauty school, I started an apprenticeship when I was 17 yrs old in 1999.

Redken, keratin, styling, balayage training,
Extension Specialist
Extensive Bumble and bumble cutting and styling
School of YouTube daily (slight obsession)
I learn from my peers daily as well.

Don’t let anyone crush your dreams. Believe in yourself, and embrace the gifts God gave you. He created you to thrive! Don’t believe the lies our broken world tells you! We were made to shine and give light to others. If you’re passionate about what you are doing, you can accomplish ANYTHING.

Fave Hair? Blonde hair is my passion! I love the challenge of creating natural, gorgeous blonde tones. I also love color corrections, the challenge of accomplishing what others see as impossible fuels me.Luz

I was born in Las Vegas, but spent my very early childhood in Colombia where my parents are from. Spanish was my 1st language, then moved back to Vegas for my elementary years. I would still say Vegas is my hometown.

Cool hair experiences:
I have worked New York Fashion Week many times and the rush and pressure of backstage is exhilarating! I do my best work under pressure and that deadline is totally up my alley.

Learning experience:
The most memorable experience in my career will always be shaving a clients head while she was going through chemo. Single mom, brought her boys in and I showed them how to shave their mom’s hair. She sat there with the strength of a warrior, preparing for war against this monster with her boys supporting her and prepping her. The shaving of the hair was such a clear representation of that prep for the fight to all who were witnessing the event in the salon. She wanted to break with each shred of those clippers, but she had to be strong for her boys. That day I learned that my ‘job’ is a privilege, a platform, a safe place, life changing sometimes. It’s not just “a hair stylist.” I have an incredible career and I cherish every moment with every client.

My inspiration is other stylists and salon owners. I love mentors and learning from people who have been where I am and their experiences. I love learning, and I am inspired by how our industry is uniting via social media these days. Sharing with peers and not keeping our gifts to ourselves. It’s humbling to see celebrity stylists share formulas and their secrets so that we can all grow in our craft.

Volunteer work:
I volunteer at my church on Sundays with the middle school ministry. My heart belongs to special needs children and adults. Anytime I have the honor of being part of something special needs, I’m there.

Why hair? It’s all I’ve ever known, I can’t imagine my life without doing hair in some shape or form.

Why Davao?
Ha! Since I started doing hair I said, “when I am 30 I will open a salon.” When I was 27 I opened Davao with my best friend. Against ALL the odds. Davao is our dream come true. We wanted to create a place where people loved to work, were inspired and where clients enjoyed coming and felt relaxed and taken care of. The biggest compliment I get is when we hear those “I love coming here, I feel so welcome and relaxed” from our guests and when our staff linger after they’ve been done with clients for a bit, because they are having fun and aren’t rushed out the door.

I love DIY projects! When I’m not being a mom, salon owner, or stylist I am in my garage cutting, sanding, painting, staining wood. Making or refinishing furniture and demoing my house. I love the feeling I get of accomplishing something that seemed impossible for me to do. I am driven by surprising myself of my capabilities. I watch a lot of YouTube about hair, I spend a lot of time on pinterest, and I like to read books about improving my weaknesses.

If I were a Bb Product…
I would have to say I am Thickening Hairspray. Because it’s versatile. It can be used on most people. I am go with the flow kind of person, and I would say I can be versatile in my abilities with hair. I am not threatened by change and thickening spray changes depending on the situation.

What tool can’t I live without?
This is a difficult question for me to answer… I am a total tool snob! I love ALLLL my tools! If I have to choose just one, I would have to say my Mason Pierson brush. I can style anyone’s hair with that little sucker.

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