In 2009, Jessica Kern and Luz Swan, established Davao Hair Studio in the heart of Crabapple. Davao Hair Studio is known as one of the very best luxury salons in the Milton, Alpharetta, Cumming, Woodstock, Canton and Roswell areas. How can you tell it is the best salon around? It is a Bumble and bumble Network salon. A limited group of establishments around the world sell Bb. products and share a vision for a stronger hairdressing culture. Each is the best in their region and employs stylists who are impeccably trained, unusually talented and have an unyielding passion and love for their craft.

What’s with the name Davao and how do you say it?
Davao – Duh vay ō.
“Trained hair designers expressing a unique culture built entirely of family and unity. We are obsessed with our craft.” The salon name is inspired by a city in the Philippines that is progressive and productive, and also embraces differences in culture and tradition. At Davao Hair Studio, we are always looking ahead for the newest techniques and trends. We encourage our stylists to share their knowledge with each other and to always keep an open mind.

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House Rules

We would like the experience to be as relaxing as possible for all of our clients. We outlined some etiquette guidelines below so that all of our clients can enjoy their time at Davao Hair Studio.Luz & Jessica

Don’t be late.
If you are going to be late please give us a call to see if there is another appointment after you. If you show up late, chances are that we will not be able to fulfill your scheduled service(s) completely.


Don’t be too early. (Unless you just like hanging out at the salon.)
Arriving at the salon 5 to 10 minutes early is very much appreciated but 20-30 minutes early is excessive and it puts the stylist and the client in the chair in an awkward position if you are wanting to be seen early.

We love and welcome your children for their scheduled hair services. For your child’s safety and the comfort and relaxation of our guests, we ask that you refrain from bringing unattended children into the salon.

Open chair policy
Can’t get in to see your regular stylist? Or maybe you just need a change of pace? No problem! We have an open chair policy, which means that we have no problem sharing our clients with each other.

Cancellation policy
We understand that sometimes schedule adjustments are necessary; therefore, we request at least 48 hours notice for cancellations.
When you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, and clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive services. As a courtesy, we will call and confirm your appointments 24 hours prior to your appointment date. We also send out confirmation e-mails 72 hours in advance as well as a text message. If we are unable to reach you, and you do not click confirm on our e-mail, please understand that it is your responsibility to remember your appointment dates and times to avoid late arrivals, missed appointments and the cancellation fee.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:
Less than 24 hour notice will result in a charge equal to 50% of the reserved service amount.
NO SHOWS will be charged 100% of the reserved service amount.