Davao (Duh. vay. o): Trained hair designers expressing a unique  culture built entirely of family and unity.  “We are obsessed with our craft.”

Balayage (ba.lay.age): A technique for highlighting the hair in which color is hand painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking  effect. “She specializes in balayage, color corrections, and extensions.”

Biolights (bio.lights): An innovative alternative to foils for creating multidimensional hair color combining the artistic freedom of balayage with the precision and detail of traditional foiling. “Maybe it’s balayage, maybe it’s Biolights.”


We specialize in custom color techniques that are carefully created individually to suit our clients.  Whether it’s traditional foils, balayage, biolights, natural, extreme, etc.  Our passion for education is what keeps our artists dominating the hair scene.


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