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Ashley Coryell

Ashley graduated from The Process Institute of Cosmetology in 2007. Fun Fact: Ashley was Davao’s first hire, and has been her since the beginning! She loves to hang with curly hair girls and she also has some amazing curls of her own.


  • Ashley is a Level 4AA stylist.

Year you began doing hair: 2007

Education: Since becoming a licensed stylist in 2008, I have taken multiple continuing education classes at Bumble and Bumble University, including several straight razor cutting classes. I have also taken an “All About Blondes” class at 901 in Beverly Hills.

Tips or tricks: Here’s a little secret for all those curly haired girls out there: the less you touch your curls, the less frizz you will have. Get out of the shower, tousle those curls with your fingers, apply a generous amount of your favorite Davines curl product, diffuse if that’s what you like, and then leave them be!

Favorite hair to do: My favorite would be the challenge of blowing curly hair out straight. Instant gratification!

Hometown: Canton, GA

Ashley talks with us.

Cool hair experience: Not too long ago I was able to get outside the box a bit when one of my funky, young clients brought me a picture of rainbow colored hair. She had purple hair at the time so a few of the girls and I put our heads together to come up with a plan. It turned out really cool and my client was pleased. Teamwork makes the dream work!Ashley

Inspiration: I usually find my inspiration from magazines, celebrities and Instagram. I follow other stylists from all over the country to gain inspiration from some of their work they share on social media.

Volunteer work: I volunteer mainly at my church!

Community involvement: Davao as a salon is very big into helping the community of Milton. They’re constantly contributing to the schools and we all try to support our other local businesses.

The Davao Team

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Why hair? I decided I wanted to do hair when I was pretty young. I had very difficult hair, very coarse and curly, and no one ever showed me what to do with it. I wore a hat as often as I could, or just stuck to a bun to keep it all tame. Eventually I decided to teach myself what to do with it and I decided I wanted to help other people do the same. It is so rewarding to watch someone look at themselves and feel beautiful.

Why Davao Hair Studio: Davao is my home away from home. My bosses, my co-workers, and my clients have become my second family. It is a blessing to love what you do, but it is even more of a blessing to find a salon that builds you up, encourages you, and truly cares about you. That’s Davao.

Hobbies/interests: I love to run! I was actually inspired years ago by one of our owners, Jess, who helped me train and encouraged me to push myself.

Party trick: I can play a trumpet sound with my teeth.

If you were a Bb. product, which one would you be: I would be Tonic. It softens the cuticle and smoothes the hair. I like to smooth out situations and I’m typically a softy so I think it fits me.

Tool you can’t live without: My curling iron. Gotta touch up those crazy curls sometimes!