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Janine graduated from Redken-Pivot Point Cosmetology school and is certified in Evolve Hair Loss solutions. She has been changing lives with her designing skills for over 20 years.


  • Shampoo and Blowdry $54

    Base Color and Haircut $144
    Base Color and Style $150
    Base Breaker $30
    Luna Lights $20

    Organic Color and Haircut $209
    Organic Color and Style $164

  • Full Head of Highlights/Base/HCB $285
    Full Head of Highlights and Haircut $249
    Full Head of Highlights and Style $234

    Half Head of Highlights/Base/HCB $304
    Half Head of Highlights and Haircut $229
    Half Head of Highlight and Style $219

    Just a Few Highlight and Haircut $184
    Just a Few Highlights/Base/HCB $255
    Just a Few Highlights/Base/Style $244
    Just a Few Highlights and Style $169

  • Full Balayage/Base/HCB $330
    Full Balayage/Base/Style $319
    Full Balayage and Haircut $255
    Full Balayage and Style $244

    Half Balayage/Base/HCB $318
    Half Balayage and Haircut $243
    Half Balayage and Style $228

Janine talks with us.

What’s your inspiration? I get my inspiration from the colors of the season, the clothing, the personality and the person in my chair.Janine

Education: Continuing education at Redken as well as Bumble and bumble University classes, became a Bumble and bumble network educator in 2009, certified in Evolve Hair Solutions for hair loss and thinning hair.

Favorite hair to do: When I can use my expertise and transform a woman or man with grey hair into someone feeling more vibrant, younger and fantastic…it makes my spirit soar.

Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL

Learning experience: Each and every piece of art, every creation, every haircut, every hair color.

Why hair: Hair is the frame of a picture we look at every day. When the hair doesn’t make us feel good then the picture and the face we wear all day isn’t a happy one.

Why Davao Hair Studio: We share our ‘aha’ moments and our experiences, and work together as a team. Sometimes it takes a team to achieve that perfect color or cut; we have to get it exactly right.

Hobbies: West Coast Swing Dancing, kayaking and sewing.

If you were a Bb. product, which would you be: Styling creme- it’s one of my favorites because it is multipurpose.

Tool you can’t live without: My hands!

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The Davao Team