Biolights Color is about evolving dimensional hair color techniques. Remember the days of pulling hair through a cap with a painful crochet hook, clingy saran wrap to visually watch the color process or trendy and gimmicky show stopping methods to produce dimensional color?  The Biolights method  combines the artistic balayage technique and the control of traditional foiling allowing for the best of both worlds. Create fast and efficient defined to blended highlights reducing the risk of over processed hair and aiding in color longevity.

The first written rule on hair color instructions is: DO NOT mix in a metal bowl. Why? Metal is an aggressive heat conductor. The bowl will get warm and the color bubbles up and swells. This philosophy is also a contributing factor as to why the number one reason for hair breakage is from aggressive and neglectful professional applications. No more swelling, bleeding or spaghetti highlights! Biolights is an effective highlighting application utilizing a gentler and less abrasive fabric eliminating  aluminum, which is the number one material sitting in landfills. The 100% biodegradable and breathable fabric allows the ammonia content to dissipate (rather than boost it), maintaining the integrity of the hair and helping the environment simultaneously. The world of beauty and healthy innovation is changing.  Be aware, aluminum has been removed from skin care products such as deodorants, mercury poisoning is found in fish, led paints are hazardous and metal dental filling are replaced with porcelain. There has been no negative health reports from wearing a 100% cotton T-shirt.

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